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One of the most intriguing uses of artificial intelligence is in surveillance. It can set complex rules, such as alerting users if a vehicle is traveling in a certain direction or if there are more people than the preset number. Furthermore, it can maintain surveillance of hundreds of cameras at once. The technology can detect trespassers in glare, rain, and distance. So far, this technology has been used in several military applications.

Recent research has shown that computer vision systems are capable of recognizing objects and actions, such as walking and talking. Using computer vision systems, these algorithms can recognize both static objects and dynamic actions. Researchers from IBM and MIT released a massive data set of video clips annotated with information about their contents. The data set was dubbed the Moments in Time Dataset. It contains snippets of everything from animals to people to the details of their actions.

AI can also surface insights from other people’s content online. By analyzing content and user data, AI can develop new content that outperforms competitors and attracts target audiences. However, despite the promises of AI, human authors and editors still need to oversee the process. Ultimately, AI can help marketers with their content marketing efforts. AI-powered content creation helps marketers streamline processes and maximize content output. And, since it mimics human behavior, it can also help marketers understand user intent.

Some people are worried about the effects of AI on jobs. Despite its potential to transform the world, some fear that it will create significant unemployment. Indeed, it is already changing the way we interact with the internet. As technology advances, it becomes easier to automate tasks that are repetitive. While some fear that AI will replace workers, others say that it will augment workers, not replace them. Moreover, AI-assisted workers can be much more productive than AI alone.

For example, reinforcement learning can help robots learn to play optimally. And it can also be used in robotics research, where it can be used to teach autonomous robots the optimal behaviors. And AI is increasingly being integrated into modern software. In fact, major tech companies are battling to create robust machine-learning technology and sell it to users. A recent study even showed that AI is capable of beating the top players in Dota 2.

AI can help reduce workplace accidents, such as public liability or workers’ compensation incidents. According to a recent study by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, the costs of such accidents can amount to six times the insured value. Those costs include temporary replacement workers, training costs, and time spent by managers writing reports. Further, it can affect a company’s reputation and customer relations. However, the benefits far outweigh the risks of AI. There are many industries where AI is already being applied in the workplace.

Despite the high cost of artificial intelligence, it’s gaining momentum. AlphaFold 2 is a neural network developed by Google. It is capable of modeling proteins in three dimensions. The model is available to select developers, and will be included in the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. It was also cited for its breakthrough in natural language understanding. Ultimately, AI has the potential to replace the jobs of human beings. So, what are you waiting for?