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The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has created new business opportunities and accelerated efficiency. A good example of an AI-powered company is Uber, which uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to proactively dispatch a driver when needed. Other companies, such as Google, are implementing AI to create more relevant and interesting content. While AI is not a replacement for human talent, it can certainly enhance a marketing team’s effectiveness. But how can AI be used in marketing?

To get started, AI is used in video creation. Currently, people watch an average of eight hours of online video every week. However, that number is expected to grow to 20 billion by 2023. AI-driven platforms can automatically analyze streaming content, extract metadata, and generate summary and category descriptions. This data can be used to make better use of video content and optimize content management. For example, AI-powered video tools can automatically create bite-sized videos based on viewer preferences. And thanks to AI-driven algorithms, these companies can save up to 70% of editing time and 80% of overall budget. And the results are impressive. Artificial intelligence can improve video content management by discovering trending content and repurposing it.

Despite its limitations, AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we work and help people with various tasks. AI has already disrupted many professions, including sales, marketing, journalism, and more. But AI tools are not meant to replace human workers – they are designed to assist them with both simple and complex tasks. One example of AI-powered content creation is chatbots, which mimic human conversation and answer user questions in real time.

In video surveillance, A.I. can detect complex and subtle events. These cameras can monitor crowds, vehicle movements, and even human movement. And they can also detect innocent anomalies such as vehicle movement. For example, one megapixel camera with onboard video analytics can detect a human at a distance of 350 feet and at a 30 degree angle. And the AI can also learn about the characteristics of various objects based on color, size, orientation, and motion.

AI-powered marketing is the most popular application of AI. AI-powered marketing can deliver personalized and highly targeted ads based on the characteristics of a particular audience. It can also retarget audiences. This technique reduces feelings of distrust and matches the brand voice to individual preferences. AI-powered chatbots can also analyse user language and help marketers match their voice to their brands. So the next time you need to create a video ad for your company, look for a creative ad agency to take the reins.

AI can also be applied to the entertainment and gaming industries. Many companies are already using AI-based video editing software to save time and money. The technology has also become easy to use for businesses. It doesn’t require complex manual editing and can save time for marketers and creators. AI-powered video editing software is becoming more popular in many industries. It will improve productivity, save time, and reduce costs for businesses. Intelligent video editing can save businesses from spending hours on manual video editing.

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